Hi, we are Meaning Makers…

…and we will teach you how to stand out with counter-intuitive communication.


Noise. Your audience and customers are bombarded with thousands of messages every day. With a phone in one hand and a mouse (or touchpad) in the other – they are literally drowning in information.

Such an environment automatically sets their brains to “ignore”. Well, unless something is remarkable – truly unique. It’s getting harder and harder to compete with WHAT you have to offer. But you can still differentiate with HOW you talk, communicate, sell, or present it.

Only with Meaning Makers you will learn to create a unique, effective message that will cut through the noise and deliver results you seek.


You have good intentions, but bad instincts. The human brain has not evolved to successfully negotiate, sell, present, or communicate anything that’s important. Your brain evolved to survive.

Despite the advancement of our civilization we are still “managed” by a primitive operating system. In other words, your instincts won’t get you the best results.

Only with Meaning Makers you will master counter-intuitive strategies and processes that work. A bonus: you will be in the absolute minority – because most rely on their unproductive instincts


What do negotiations, training, sales, or change have in common? Communication. More precisely, communication with the main decision-maker: the brain of your recipient or client – who is constantly making decisions about you. Do I keep listening? Do I get involved? What’s the value? Should I buy it? What to agree to?

When the outcome of your actions counts, focus on understanding how a person thinks – whether that’s your client, your employee or your team.

Only with Meaning Makers you will learn proven, effective processes and strategies that work in harmony with – and not against – the human brain.


Knowledge is amazing, but it doesn’t mean anything by itself today. Knowledge is at your fingertips – but how to apply it?

Don’t just absorb information. Regardless of whether it is learning to negotiate, building a vision, or communicating a change – focus on a specific skill and proven, scalable, and repeatable processes of its implementation.

You can learn all Meaning Makers skills individually – or use them to create your own development programs (available for Business customers), tailored to your specific, current challenges.

Only with Meaning Makers will you learn to act differently, instead of just listening about it.


We admit – at Meaning Makers we take the easy way… Why?

During all of our Meaning Makers training and development programs we practice what we preach – using all these skills on our clients and participants. In class. It feels great.

Is there anything more fun than teaching someone how to, for example, create an outstanding virtual message… by delivering an outstanding virtual message about it? We are proud to practice what we preach – using all the techniques that participants will learn in a moment.

Only with Meaning Makers you will join a fully authentic event, where you will see with your own eyes that what you invest in – works. From the very first minutes.


Don’t you get the impression that online training is often a poor, theoretical version of the face-to-face session? Not with Meaning Makers. Our workshops offer a unique combination, where you will feel like you are with the trainer in class and at the same time practicing these practical solutions from the location of your choice.

“Meaning Makers teach online better, than their competition can teach in a live classroom.” – that’s one opinion. What must be the difference in a live classroom, then?

Only with Meaning Makers you do not have to give up your own preferences for the quality you receive. It’s all up to you. Where do we meet then? Online or offline?


Today, to be “worthy of attention” of others you must constantly consider how to get them interested and engaged with your topic – how to convince them. How to make the value you offer stand out in the eyes of your audiences and be remembered by them.

It’s not an event, it’s a process. It never ends, because in the flood of information the brain of your recipient or client gets used to everything. Therefore, tricks and “best practices” are not enough.

Only with Meaning Makers workshops and programs you will enter the path of continuous, effective – because it’s focused on results and behavioral change – development. You will understand how decisions are made and how to influence them. The counter-intuitive strategies and processes that you will learn will forever change your approach to how to effectively communicate what’s important. For you or your organization.

…Hello, we are Meaning Makers

Maciej Piskozub

Business Development Manager


Wojciech Mendyka

CEO, Lead Trainer


Andrzej Słoniec

Program Delivery Manager



Learn from the best.

Over the past 10 years Meaning Makers have conducted training courses in 25 countries, helping others to communicate effectively (so counter-intuitively) with methods that today come together as something that we call Meaning-Making.

Meaning Makers trainers and consultants have worked with companies such as: Philips, ING, Nationale Nederlanden, Amazon, Electrolux, BT, Salesforce, Pfizer, Sanofi, BD, Collins Aerospace and many others.

Wojciech Mendyka, founder and CEO of Meaning Makers, is one of the highest-rated lecturers at MBA studies in Poland and in-demand speaker at international conferences.

Meaning Makers regularly shares knowledge and inspiration on Linkedin.

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