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How many well-prepared changes fail due to poor communication?

Why do people prefer to stick to the status quo, even in the face of rational arguments? When you want to change something – don’t count on luck. Create communication that will convince your recipient’s brain.

With the Meaning Makers Change skill you will understand how the status quo is created in the mind of your audience and how to change it - in your favor. You will learn how to reduce the four barriers to change, and you will communicate the need for change in a specific, motivating and actionable way.

Learn how to communicate change and create a favorable context for its implementation, today.

Meaning Makers


How many virtual meetings do you have every week?

How many of them are memorable? How much time do you waste? When you have something important to communicate, you must reach the brain of you audience – on the other side of the screen.

With the Meaning Makers Virtual you will understand how to stand out from the crowd of other virtual meetings. You will learn the method of building an effective message from scratch. You will master innovative techniques to attract and hold audience’s attention - for 45 minutes and for 4 hours.

Learn how to build an effective, virtual message and present it like no one else, today.

Meaning Makers


How many initiatives and projects have slowed down due to poor communication?

Why is something so obvious – so difficult? When you want to be understood and effective – you need to master the instincts that ruin communication and relationships.

With the Meaning Makers Communication skill you will understand communication mistakes and assumptions that block your team's results. You will increase your creativity in finding solutions and making better decisions within the team. You will master strategies of constructive assertiveness that allow to achieve goals while protecting your relationship with the other person.

Learn clear, supportive, and assertive communication techniques, today.

Meaning Makers


How much information gets into minds of your audience, every day?

Why is it so difficult to focus their attention on your content and engage them? In a world of an overwhelming amount of information and stimulation you must rely on understanding what actually triggers the human brain and drives decisions.

With the Meaning Makers Presentations skill you will learn a unique approach to preparing a presentation that is based on reaching the recipient's brain, not on "holding your hands in a triangle". You will learn to build your authority without reciting your CV. You will apply 7 categories of attention triggers that the recipient's brain cannot ignore.

Learn to present in a way that makes others listen, today.

Meaning Makers


How much will your client remember?

Will he remember you? When staying in the game with the customer depends on your ability to distinguish the product, service – or you – from the competition, choose a sales message that impacts and influences decisions.

With the Meaning Makers Sales skill you will learn to distinguish your product or service from your competition. You will understand how to present the customer with the problem that your product solves - and how to win their attention. You will break the "seller's monologue" as you learn the techniques of engaging and inviting the customer to co-create a purchasing vision and get him interested in your solution.

Learn to distinguish what you sell and be remembered by your customers, today.

Meaning Makers


How much are concessions in negotiations costing you?

Why is the road to “win-win” so difficult? When you negotiate – you decide about your fate, your company or your career. So learn an effective map of achieving success in negotiations.

With the Meaning Makers Negotiation skill you will learn simple but non-intuitive methods of preparing a plan and negotiating strategy to gain an advantage and increase your margins. You will master the methods of managing the most important factor – dialogue. You will understand how to shape the value of what you negotiate in the mind of your negotiating partner.

Learn to avoid costly concessions and achieve results in negotiations and conflicts, today.

Meaning Makers


How much is knowledge alone worth today?

Why do you have to do more than just pass information? When you want to influence others and their development – start by understanding how to reach the brain of your training participant.

With the Meaning Makers Teaching you will learn the four dimensions of effective training, the use of which distinguishes masters from slide-jockeys (they work - we use them ourselves). You will refine your training based on original methods created from our experience in over 25 countries, which are not taught by any „trainer school”. You will add meaning to your knowledge, engage your audience and create the image of an expert who does not have to recite a CV to build his authority.

Learn to conduct engaging and highly-rated workshops – become a Meaning Maker, today.

Learn to conduct engaging and highly-rated workshops – become a Meaning Maker, today.

Meaning Makers


Are you helping them to think better?

Do they have psychological conditions to win? When you lead your team in a world of constant change and uncertainty – you need a new map. Understand the brain (theirs and yours) and use the biology and chemistry of leadership.

With the Meaning Makers Leadership you will understand how to be a modern and empathetic leader - conscious of how the brains in your team work together. You will learn specific methods for the biggest leadership challenges - articulating a vision, managing through empathy and providing feedback. You will build a circle of safety and increase the efficiency of the team.

Learn to be a neuro-leader – reach the brain and manage empathetically, but effectively, today.

Meaning Makers


What influences the human decision-making process?

Why do people change their minds? When you want to influence a choice, suggest a solution, or spread an idea – you need to understand the alphabet of human mental shortcuts.

With the Meaning Makers Influence skill you will learn scientifically proven techniques of influencing your customers and recipients – gaining points that can sum up to a „yes”. You will learn to design and guide your audience to the right choice, thanks to lessons from behavioral economics and social psychology. You will understand how to present your perspective, product or idea to get a viral effect - wide adoption and engagement of recipients.

Learn the subtle techniques of influence and persuasion and become an architect of choice, today.