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Your team. Your message.

Grab attention • Generate engagement • Get remembered

Are you Meaning Makers®?
  • Your team meetings are
    slide-clicking marathons?
  • Are customers
    ignoring you?
  • Do you struggle
    to differentiate?
  • Are important presentations causing
    your team a lot of stress?
  • Is your team not engaging
    in your vision and projects?
  • Does effective delivery of important
    messages seem like rocket science?

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Get attention

Learn how to speak to the only real decision-maker – the human brain. The science is on your side.

Stand out from the crowd

Stop being invisible. Change the way you speak about what’s important to you and present unlike anyone else.

Be yourself

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. Learn how to speak effectively, but authentically.

“The best presentation methods I have ever seen.”

– Tomasz Haase, Development Director, Agrii Poland.

Thanks to Meaning Makers I always remember why I do what I do. And how to talk about it to spread the love for my brand. This training had immense value for my team. Public speaking is a challenge I now await, because I know exactly what to do, and what works. - Ewelina Kwit-Betlej Owner and Creative Director, Resibo To było niesamowite doświadczenie. Teraz mam umiejętności, które pomogą mi zrobić duży krok w karierze - występować na konferencjach jako mówca. Mogę szczerze powiedzieć, że to było najlepsze szkolenie na jakim w życiu byłem. - Piotr Wieczerzak Technology Chapter Leader, Santander Bank Polska Whether you’re selling an idea inside your organization, or a product/service to a customer, with Meaning Makers skills your great ideas (and value) won’t be lost because of poor communication. Meaning Makers enable you to present authentically and effectively, when it matters most to your company. - Bradley Humbles CEO, Brevity Enterprises

See how Meaning Makers® have helped experts, leaders and entrepreneurs like you present so they are listened to.

How much are your failed presentations costing you?

How many opportunities were lost because the team didn’t know how to effectively talk about services, products or company’s vision? How much time is wasted on pointless meetings and slide-clicking marathons, with no return on investment? How many of your events are half-empty, and those who comes, stare at their phones? How many potential customers can’t notice you in the see of noise?

Not being Meaning Makers® costs you greatly every day.

Every presentation influences the way you are perceived and can positively or negatively affect your career or your company’s market position. Meanwhile…

  • Today we intake almost 5x more information than only 30 years ago. The human brain can’t handle these volumes, so we are filtering them out. Including most of the content of your message or a presentation.
  • 63% of businesspeople believe that how they present is boring, repetitive and can’t hold audience’s attention.
  • Only 12 months - that’s what your competition needs to copy your idea, product or vision. Also, you most likely overestimate how WHAT you offer differentiates you on the market.

How to present when it matters?

Adapt to today’s world.

Information is not inspiration. To present something effectively today, you must make meaning with your words - speak or present in a way that makes your audiences care about what is being said. For this to happen, you must fluently navigate across the three dimensions of effective messaging.

These three dimensions are: creating engagement, grabbing attention and ensuring that what you say, gets remembered. They represent the core functions of the human brain – the real receiver of your message.

Become Meaning Makers®

Meaning Makers is the only workshop that arms you with understanding of how the brain of the person in your audience makes decisions such as:

  • Should I engage in this thing you are telling me?
  • Should I continue to listen to you?
  • What I should remember?

As an outcome of the program, your team will create messages that get noticed, generate engagement, and get remembered, utilizing nine, interconnected rules of effective, goal-oriented communication.

Who must be a Meaning Maker today?

Anyone who needs to design messages compatible with how the human brain is making decisions. Which is, most likely, what nobody in your organization is doing today.

Leader who wants to:

  • inspire and spread his vision or strategy
  • increase efficiency and ROI of team meetings
  • be the role model leader who provides meaning in the world of noise

Sales team that wants to:

  • shake customers status quo and direct them towards change
  • escape the commodity trap – differentiate with HOW, not WHAT
  • plan, not count on client’s reactions

Expert who wants to:

  • give meaning to his knowledge
  • get noticed by the industry and potential customers
  • unlock his potential by effectively talking about WHAT he knows

Start giving meaning to the things you say

No matter if you have 6 or 60 minutes for a presentation, and if you speak to 1 person or to 600 people, two things won’t change. First, you talk to people. Second, nobody has ever taught you how.

We will show you HOW to speak about what you know. How to finally become experts who can capture crowd’s attention. How to be understood and remembered. And how to generate engagement for your cause.

How to be Meaning Makers®.

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What makes Meaning Makers® so different?

Typical presentation skills workshops are based on tips & tricks on body language, voice acting or stress management. Participants focus on form, slides and pretending to be someone else.

Meaning Makers focus on the goal. Your team’s success starts with understanding the science behind audience’s decision-making and designing an effective message compatible with the human brain. All that wrapped into a simple, applicable process for your team to use, and for you to scale into your organization.

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