Start Presenting So People Will Listen

A live workshop that will teach you how to get noticed, understood, remembered and generate engagement. To make your customers care about what you have to say. So you stop wasting any more opportunities in life or business.

They already can:

“The best presentation methods I have ever seen.”

– Tomasz Haase, Development Director, Agrii Poland.

Get attention

Learn how to speak to the only real decision-maker – the human brain. The science is on your side.

Stand out from the crowd

Stop being invisible. Change the way you speak about what’s important to you and present unlike anyone else.

Be yourself

You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. Learn how to speak effectively, but authentically.

See how Meaning Makers have helped experts, leaders and entrepreneurs like you present so they are listened to.

Are you a Meaning Maker?

Effective leader, manager, sales person or trainer is an effective presenter. Public speeches such as presentations at conferences or in front of customers are an inseparable aspect of any ambitious work environment. Every speech puts our credibility at stake. Every presentation influences the way you are perceived and can positively or negatively affect your career or your company’s market position. Meanwhile… I’m sure you know what the reality is like.

Have you recently seen any good presentation? The bar is set really low. When we teach you how to be a Meaning Maker, you will feel as if it is almost unfair towards other presenters. We think it’s fair. Fair to you, so that you can finally use these opportunities to shine with what you have to say.

That's your chance

If everyone knew how to present effectively then you would not have to listen to poor presentations. But then again, you would not have the opportunity you have today. When the world is drowning in information and constant battle for our attention, in which the paralyzed crowd does not know how to present and wastes opportunity after opportunity, those who know the secrets of effective presenting, win. Meaning Makers will reveal these secrets to you, so that others finally listen and care about what you have to say.

Step by step for anyone who wants to present what matters

Meaning Makers is more than 2000 hours of experience and workshops run around Europe and regular cooperation with the UK and US training companies. It’s hundreds of trained managers and executives from 16 countries. It’s also a synthesis of best ideas coming from the greatest minds in business today like Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel H. Pink and the best trainers and professionals from around the world with whom Wojciech has worked. That’s how the original Meaning Makers model was created, which will help you, step by step, to prepare a quick, five-minute speech, on an hour key-note presentation or a two-day training.

If you can say it, Meaning Makers will help you to say it better

No matter if you have 6 or 60 minutes for a presentation, and if you speak to 1 person or to 500 people, two things won’t change. First, you talk to people. Second, nobody has ever taught you that. We will show you HOW to speak about what you know. How to finally become the expert who can capture the crowd’s attention. How to be understood and remembered. And how to generate engagement for your cause…

How to be a Meaning Maker.

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How to make others care about what you have to say? How to generate authentic engagement in your listeners? During Meaning Makers workshop you will learn the 3 necessary steps to do this. Every time.

You will learn how to…

Identify the STATUS QUO of your audience. And how to shake it.

Establish goals to CHANGE what the audience thinks, feels or does.

Reverse the RISK of potential change.

What you have to say doesn’t matter, if no one is listening. How to present so people do not look at their phones? We will show you ways to attract and keep attention that the human brain cannot ignore.

You will learn how to…

Avoid the HAMMOCK of human attention.

Effectively VISUALIZE your message.

Best use your BODY LANGUAGE to support what you say.

Why nobody remembers what you spoke about? Why there are never any questions at the end? Presenting complex things in a simple and easy-to-remember way is a true skill. Learn its secrets.

You will learn how to…

Use FACTS & STORIES for understanding and retention.

Help your audience to follow your logic using the MESSAGE MAP.

Identify and programme your BIG IDEA into your presentation.

We know from experience that nothing is going to give you more confidence than understanding and practice of creating an effective and authentic presentations. But we don’t stop there during our workshop. In addition, you will learn 12 techniques and methods, that will even further enhance your new power – confidence when presenting in public.


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